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. >> carter evans. weren't you going to tell us about a green job? just give us one suggestion. >> yes, a great job, best jobs for saving the world, public schoolteach schoolteacher. this is part of the cnnmoney.com series. theseries. median pay, $50,000 a year. >> not exactly a great job, but a job that may save the world anyway. carter evans, many thanks. >>> "american morning" continues right now. >>> a brazen terror plot foiled. i'm ali velshi. the u.s. accusing iran of conspiring with mexican drug lords to kill a saudi ambassador on american soil. a bold scheme raising tensions between the two countries and putting american travelers on high alert. >>> mitt romney rising. i'm christine romans. the republican candidate solidifying his front-runner position in the latest republican debate while. >>> and forcing to use tear gas to control rioting inmates. i'm carol costello on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> good morning. it is wednesday, october 12th. welcome to "american morning," and it is a busy one. >> sure is. politics and this amazing terror
who is in custody. he is a used car salesman from texas and his friends are having a very hard time believing he is a terrorist. >> herman cain is now the republican front-runner for the president. according to the latest national poll. leaving many analysts wondering if the georgia businessman's plan resonating. all that and more on "american morning." >>> good morning, everybody. it is thursday, october 13. >> it is certainly not a good morning. i can't get messages from people, i can't send messages. >> mine was down yesterday but back now. >> mine was up yesterday but i e-mailed this morning. our executive producer said i will be late. >> that's the e-mail i sent. >> he is panicking going where are my anchor. >> if you don't know what we are talking about, millions of blackberry users are without service this morning. now four-day blackout spreads to north america. the outage primarily affects e-mails and internet access, not the ability to make phone calls or text. >> weird. problem started monday affecting customers in europe, middle east and africa. by tuesday, it has spread
jobs was just 56 years old. >>> u.s. stock futures trading higher this morning. markets overseas also up as investors grow more confident that european leaders are working to strengthen their banks. of course, the biggest crowd yet at the occupy wall street protests here in new york. thousands marched yesterday against corporate greed, corruption and inequality. police say 28 people were arrested, including one person for assaulting a police officer. >>> a second tape of michael jackson's slurred speech played for jurors at the trial of dr. conrad murray. jackson telling his personal physician he wanted to build the world's largest children's hospital with proceeds from his highly anticipated "this is it" comeback concerts because he didn't have a childhood of his own. >>> sarah palin prefers the role of kingmaker to candidate as least for 2012. she will not run for president, either as a republican or as a third party candidate. the former alaska governor believes she can have a bigger impact on the race as an unshackled outsider. let's head to atlanta and check in with rob marciano.
and joins us live from perugia, italy. what else did knox have to say to the jurors this morning? >> you know, she got up and could barely speak,ally. choking back the tears. they asked, do you want to take a seat? she said, no. she said okay. and she made a tearful plea but maintained her composure each time underscoring i did not kill, i did not rape, i did not steal, i was not there, i was innocent and delivered the speech in fluid italian, really, much more emotional than i've ever seen her. she has been emotional. and ali she threw away the script. normally she would try and read. this time if she had notes she bearly referred to them and this was something that came straight from the heart. let's listen. >> translator: i am not what i say i am. perversity, violence. i respect life and people, and i haven't done the things that they are suggesting that i've done. i haven't. >> moderator:erred murdered, i haven't raped, i haven't stolen. i wasn't there. i wasn't present in that crime. >> she continually is saying that, look, i refuse to pay for my life for something i did not do, and
to use another bank's atm. >> i'm going there right now. well maybe not right now. >> all right. a little bit later. >> carter evans, thanks so much. >>> "american morning" continues right now. >> good morning, i'm ali velshi. right now amanda knox is waiting to see anxiously to see if her murder conviction will are overturned. earlier this morning she pleaded her case directly to the jury. now they are deliberating. we're expecting a verdict today. we go live to italy straight ahead. >>> i'm carol costello, it looks like chris christie had a change of heart. now reportedly reconsidering a run for president, but there's one thing his team needs to figure out first. on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> good morning. it is monday, october 3rd. christina's off today. i'm here the whole morning and was going to listen to whatever you were going to say anyway. whatever you said about chris christie has my attention. one thing his team has to consider first. i'm very, very excited about that. renewed talk he's going to get into the race. >> i know. it's really l
in someone else's pocket. >> it's a very worrisome. we live a lot longer than we used a lot longer than we used to, live past our earning potential. it's a worry. we'll continue to follow this together. carter evans at the nasdaq market site. that's it for "wake-up call" "american morning" begins right now. >>> good morning, i'm alina cho. the death toll in turkey is rising. at least 264 dead. many injured and rescue operations severely hampered by bitterly cold temperature. >>> day of liberation. i'm ali velshi. wild celebrations across libya as the country takes its first big steps toward a future without gadhafi on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> good morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, alina. >> it's monday, october 24th. >> there's definitely something wrong with my seat. see this? >> yes, there is. >> right. >> christina and carol are off this morning. welcome to "american morning." his is a very strange seating situation but we have a lot of news to cover. we will fix that momentarily. a mounting situation in eastern tuck u turkey. a dev
and asia. u.s. stock futures are also significantly higher. we begin coverage this morning in brussels, belgium. >> after 11 hours of fraught negotiations, eu leaders did finally manage to come up with what they call a lasting and incredible agreement to solve the eurozone debt crisis once and for all. here it is. in the 15-page draft communique that was wrapped up soon after talks, they aim to solve problems. these leaders decided to boost the eurozone firepower or esff, by no less than four fold or maybe even five fold to reinforce the problem of greece and to prevent italy and spain from being infected by the same issues. another particularly sticky point of constitution that took hours of negotiating was the issue of agreeing to a haircut or writedown with private bondholders that owned greek debt. they managed to push through proposals for a voluntary 50% haircut with those investors and last but not least, the banks have had people worried for quite so long, seem to be the last of these ministers' problems. they managed to push through early in the negotiations to recapitalize th
. >> authorities defending the decision to take those animals down. saying it was us or them. ja jason carol. >> reporter: so many questions this morning. why terry thompson the man that owned all the animals, why he opened the cages and set those animals free. knowing that many of them would most likely be killed. this is a manna by all accounts loved these animals. that's one of the major questions that investigators will be looking at this morning. in all, 49 animals killed. the pictures really tell the whole story. we see those pictures of those animals, wild exotic animals, killed out here. sheriff's deputies telling me they were sickened to have to do what they did to put the animals down but simply felt as though they had no choice. the story actually started to unfold tuesday, just about 5:00. that's when the 911 calls started coming in from people in the area calling the sheriff's department saying i see a bear on my property. i see a lion that just crossed my property. take a listen. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> yeah, there's a lion on mt. perry road in gratiot. >> i just drov
. thanks for watching us today. here in the united states, "american morning" continues right now. >> there is one more thing -- >>> from his parents' garage to technology icon. apple's core, steve jobs dies at 56 years old. what will the future look like without a man who helped mold it for us on this "american morning." >>> good morning, it is thursday, october the 6th. sad day for many. welcome to "american morning." we begin with the passing of amfounder steve jobs. >> tributes to an inoivator lighting up our phones. the company announced his death yesterday. he was just 56 years old. they didn't mention a cause, but we all know he battled cancer for years and taken three years of absence since his health trouble starte estarted. every time he did, wall street took. turned it into a necessity for everyone in the modern world and millions are saying thank you this morning. let's begin with dan simon clli in california. good morning, dan. >> for more than 30 years, some of the world's most iconic products can be traced back to one man and one company. no ceo more closely identif
and really for us it feels very much like back to square one and the search goes on, really, to find out what truly happened. >> the kerchers say despite this disappointment with the jury's decision, they're grateful for all the support received around the world, including here in the united states. >>> now to the start of week two in michael jackson's death trial. the emergency room physician who e declared jackson dead was on the witness stand yesterday telling the court dr. conrad murray, jackson's personal physician, failed to tell her the entertainer had the drug propofol in this system. but even if she had that information, it was too late to save the king of pop. later today, two of dr. murray's girlfriends are expected to take the stand including a houston cocktail waitress on the phone with him when he realized jackson had stopped breathing. >>> cnn learned chris christie son the verge of announcing whether he plans to run for president. the new jersey governor refused to discussion his possible candidaty during a swearing-in ceremony for a judge yesterday, but sources tell cnn he ha
nose at the stip and us. >> reporter: then steph li mazeoff whose husband mark committed suicide last year depressed over his father's crime. >> if i saw bernie madoff right now, i would tell him that i hold him fully responsible for killing my husband, and i'd spit in his face. >> reporter: so every time you hear an interview, every time you read an article involving an interview, what goes through your mind? >> i had a visceral reaction. i really feel sick to my stomach. >> i wish we could get that kind of publicity to people understand who the victims are. they're everyday people. >> reporter: you're hearing people ask them a lot of questions. do you have any questions that remain in your mind that you'd like to ask them? >> if i knew that bernie madoff would actually tell the truth for a change, i would say, why? how? and who helped you? >> reporter: for victim, there are many questions they feel will never be fully answered. prosecutors have not charged madoff's children nor his wife. she's living in a borrowed home in south florida. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. >>> to politic
against him, attempted murder, attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and also conspiracy toy commit terrorism. the nigerian grat witt student turned accused suits bomber is acteding as his own attorney and umar farouk abdulmutallab shown he is defind. during jury selection he invoked his meant, jihad mentor, recently killed in an air strike in yemen. anwar is alive saying "the mujahadin will wipe out the u.s." >> when he got on the plane and came to the united states, there were only two things that were going to happen. he was either going to be dead or he was going to serve life in prison in the united states. >> reporter: defense lawyer ed mcmahon is not on this case but handled similar ones. >> the idea of giving one last speech or one last moment in the sun before he goes off to prison for the rest of his life probably sounds appealing to him. >> reporter: accused of trying to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear and blast a hole in the side ftd plane. authorities say he chose a window seen near the fuel tank and waited for the plane to be in its descent to cause
there. a convoy left out of that area, and a combination of french fighter jets and a u.s. predator drone hit that convoy. they're not sure where gadhafi was in relation to the convoy but they know fighting broke out after that convoy was hit. gadhafi and some of his men then took refuge, libyan officials say, in a drainage pipe where he was found. at some point during that exchange, there was a long shoot-out between some of gadhafi's loyalists and some of the rebel, and then gadhafi was captured. a senior nato official told me that gadhafi was stl alive after the convoy was struck, and after, you know, they fled on foot, but he's not sure exactly what happened in the circumstances in which gadhafi died. >> what's interesting here, you know, saif, one of gadhafi's sons, is supposedly out there and still alive. one of the analysts here in the united states, i should say, wants saif to be captured and tried. but it's unclear that will happen in light of what happened to moammar gadhafi. >> reporter: exactly. look at all of the conflicting stories. i mean, i think there's been already
, carol costello is getting ready for politics in the desert. joining us live this morning, good morning, carol. >> oh, good morning. you know the best thing about las vegas right at this moment? >> gambling? >> besides that. it's 3:00 in the morning here, and there's a starbucks open. >> at a casino. >> i'm loving it. and there are people around. yes. it's just like at 8:00. i love las vegas. it is a fitting location, too, for tonight's western republican presidential debate, because this is the city that makes or breaks fortunes every single day. a lot of preparation has gone into tonight's event co-hosted by cnn and the republican western leadership conference. in just three days, a 45,000 square foot set built from the ground up at the venetian center, including two humongous monitors, an enormous chandelier and seating for 400 people. look at that. those people working around the clock since friday. quite the political circus here in las vegas. of course, minus the white tent. tonight at 8:00 eastern, a field of seven will be in the glare, the las vegas spotlight, highlighted by mit
street protester. police in riot gear using tear gas on the crowds in oakland's city hall plaza. look at pictures. fascinating. some protesters throwing paint at the cop. dozens arrested despite warns from police. the protesters returned to city hall last night where they've been camped out a couple of week. dan simon live in oakland. have things settled down behind you now? >> reporter: a little bit pup can still see some police in riot gear behind me. this is the line in the sand. a few protesters in front holding a sign. things really got ugly about 7:00 last night. this is some hours after police had disband the group of protesters who had camped out in front of city hall. they were there for about two weeks. things were pretty much peaceful during that period, and then police saw the situation deteriorating in terms of a public safety threat. they saw health conditions getting bad. so they decided to get rid of those protesters, to tell in to disband, and then a few hours later, after they had left, about 500 of them decided to take their space back. they wanted to get back in fr
that includes a flat tax. cnn deputy political director paul steinhauser joins us from washington with more details. he has this 20% flat tax, but taxpayers is actually opt out if they like their tax rate better? >> reporter: yeah, and banking on most americans not liking the way they have their taxes right now and hoping for some of that 9-9-9 that boosted herman cain from an afterthought to a front-runner in the gop nomination. yes, basically this morning the texas governor rick perry unvams his plan. cut, balance and grow, that's the name of it. what he's proposing. americans get a choice. most earning under $120 million, and exemptions for families makingeneder that $500,000 per year making standard deductions $5,000 for individuals and dependents. abolish the death tax and low are corporate tax, lower it to about 20%. put in an op-ed and he'll make his announce mitt later this morning in south carolina. >> who helped craft this plan? >> a guy named steve forbes. the man behind "forbes" magazine. he ran back in 1996, his big plan, a flat tax. rick perry saying, guess what? my simple 20%
demonstrator arrested and charged with assaulting an officer. at the smithsonian space museum, police used. er storm on those who tried to storm the lobby. the museum had to be shut down. paul steinhauser joins us live from washington. looks like democrat, trying to own this movement. republican, trying to redirect its focus. >> reporter: no surprise here. both political parties see opportunity and they love opportunity in this movement. we're hearing very different things from republicans an democrats. start with the republicans and some of the ones running for president next year, of course, want to face-off against president barack obama in the 2012 election and are traching the protest and trying to redirect the anger towards the white house. take a listen. >> some of them are there because they don't have a job. yes, but the fact of the matter is, why aren't there jobs? go and picket the white house. part of it is jealousy. i stand die that. here's why i don't have a lot of patience with that. my parents, they never played the victim card. my parents never said, we hope that the rich peop
their message. >> the focus of it is economics. >> reporter: protesters say they've used $3,000 on their own money on the cleanup bringing in trash cans, mops and brooms, preparing for a cleanup or a possible confrontation. and at this hour, there are more and more people arriving on the scene. they plan to swell their ranks so when the police start arriving to assist the park's owner in the cleanup that's supposed to start in about an hour's time, these people say they're prepared to sit down and make them leave chanting things like "this is what democracy is all about." for example, reaction from, tweets this morning, from a lot of supporters including russell simmons, of course, a business entrepreneur, hip-hop mowing 8 saying this is what democracy is about. these young people, mainly young activists, they should not have to leave this park. in fact, he's offered to pay for the entire cost of a cleanup if the city will just reconsider. >> we can hear the chanting. we can hear the loud noises behind you. keep us posted. if things get more heated we'll, of course, come back to you. we'll v
every year the industry is well before halloween telling us what everybody must have for christmas. trying to get our interest peaked and primed for the season. >> joy yafrnlths das. great to see you this morning. >>> "american been a tragedy o the track. good morning, everybody. i'm alina cho. racing fan, in shock after a violent car crash claims the life of an indycar champion. fellow racers saying it's the worse crash they've ever seen. >>> and occupy wall street goes global. i'm christine romans again. demonstrators take to the streets in cities across europe, asia and africa, but after 30 days of protests, what is this movement's end game? on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> good morning, everybody. good morning, christine. it's mont, october 17th. ali is off, carol is on assignment, and i'm alina cho. this car crash, our hearts go out to the family of dan wheldon. we'll speak to say the a lot of about this. >> heart broken fans and drivers this morning. the tragedy on the track. indycar champion dan wheldon died in one of the worst crashes t
person advised a white house adviser, that, you know, that's good for us, but i'm wondering sort of why you're doing this. a lot of people said there were red flags that were missed, but what we're hearing from president obama, defense of the program overall, that this has been going on for weeks and is expected to continue. >> thank you, brianna dealer. >>> biehler. >>> the movement has gone national. the message spreading like the hottest viral video and people aren't laughing any more. >> it started out like a joke. >> how are they not like the tea party? some of them you know, smoke, and have pants made out of pot. >> reporter: it's swelled into a nationwide movement, mostly peaceful, but certainly p.o.'d. >> we got sold out. >> reporter: and ready to eat the rich. >> this is the zombie march. this is the breakfast. >> reporter: from 1,000 protesters on wall street it's gain momentum and spread to tens of hundreds of people from new york to los angeles and dozens in between, even across borders and oceans. people are angry they're running second place to profits. >> we want jobs, an
set back in august when the remnants of hurricane irene came through. joining us now for an update on the situation is mitch gross. he's the spokesman for connecticut light and power. and he's joining us by phone from berlin, connecticut. mr. gross, thank you for joining us this morning. 750,000 customers in connecticut without power. when we take a look at the map, that's nearly the entire top half of the state, plus more. there you see it there in the black. what are you doing this morning to try to get the power back on? >> it's all hands on deck. good morning. and yes, 750,000 cl&b customers without. howev however, saturday night, we restored power to over 140,000. so, we are making progress. it's a 24/7 exercise, of course, around the clock the crews are working, and we have commitments from an additional 600 crews coming in from literally all over north america to help us out. so, a lot of help is already here, a lot more on the way, and we still have, yes, quite honestly, a lot of work to do. >> that's right. and by some estimates, it's going to take more than a week in some
's ambassador began blasting u.s. policies in the middle east. >>> fees keep on coming and, boy, you're mad about it. citibank announced it will charge $20 a month if they don't have a combine $15,000 on all accounts. last night on "out front" with erin burnett, tim geithner hit back. >> the banks are blaming the government for everything, including for what they themselves are responsible for causing. there's no surprises. nothing spraining about the fact that banks are resisting it, pushing back. trying to weaken reforms and we're going to push back harder, and in the end we're going to prevail. >> yesterday senator dick durbin suggested people should switch banks if they keep getting nailed with fees. >>> he spent months insisting he wouldn't run, and chris christie was true to his word. he ended all speculation yesterday announcing he will not seek the presidency in 2012. >> oh, that is nothing! >> the statement sent a chill through countless republican supporters. >> now is not my time. i have a commitment to new jersey that i simply will not abandon. >> reporter: now, christie says he
, and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> reporter: romney wasn't laughing for long. >> are you just going to keep talking? >> a tough couple of debates for rick. >> reporter: civil discourse was out the window. this was the first gop debate to get personal. >> we hired a law company to mow our lown, and they had illegal immigrants. so we're working there. you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking and i suggest that if you want to become president of the united states you've got to let both people speak. >> reporter: the night was also romney's real test as the front-runner as think took aim at his health care plan. rick santorum pointed out some of his oh advisers helped plan obamacare. >> your plan was the basis for obamacare, your consultants help craft obamacare. >> reporter: at issue, newt gingrich says is the mandate. >> there's a lot of big government between hind romneycare, not as much as obamacare but a heck of a lot more than your campaign is admitting. >> romney respon
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)